Praying Space in Sapporo

Prayer Room Entrance in Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Sapporo is one of the most moslem-friendly city in Japan from my experience. It is really easy to finding halal restaurant and also praying space. I was visited two areas in Hokkaido: Sapporo and Otaru. Both has a great impression for me.

First, we will talk about Sapporo. Once you arrived in Sapporo Station, you can directly went to the high-end mall ‘Daimaru’ located nearby exactly beside the station. The praying room located in the 3rd Floor. One thing that surprise me, even they listed the praying room sign in the floor guidance directly after the upward escalator. Therefore you can easily find the praying room. It has spacious space separated for men and women. They also has wudu bassinet for each men and women. Please do not forget to write down your name in the attendance list, therefore the Daimaru could knew that the facilities has been used by many moslem visitors and very important for us. Since it is located nearby the Sapporo station, you can easily reach it anytime. You can roam around the cities and while you pass the intersection area in Sapporo station, you can pray there. Enjoy your traveling time hassle-free and not have to worried when the praying time come.

If we talk about Hokkaido, it is not yet completed if you have not visited Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory. Guess what? they also provide praying space for moslem! It is located in the 2nd Floor of Tudor house. It is smaller than the one in Daimaru. However, still it is a blessing when you can finding a proper praying space in Japan. The layout is similar with the one in Daimaru. Once again, do not forget to write down your name in the attendance list!

Prayer Room in Ishiya Chocolate Factory

For the shopaholic, you should not miss the Sapporo Factory. A giant mall with hundreds of retailer shops. The praying space located in the 3rd Floor of San-jo-kan (The farthest building from the entrance gate). For the wudu, you can use sink in the toilet nearby. There are no separation for men and women praying space.

There are two mosque in each Sapporo and Otaru area. One is Sapporo Mosque and the other is Noor Mosque in Otaru. You can feel difference ambience when you visit mosque faraway from your hometown, especially if your hometown is already familiar with moslem. I always enjoy my time in the mosque while in Japan because meeting your brother and sister in the same faith somehow could enhance your happiness level. Said salam and smile is more than enough for me as those could brighten my day ^^ For all my moslem readers out there, you should not hesitate for visiting Hokkaido especially Sapporo and Otaru area. Hopefully many tips that I already shared could be useful for you! Salam!

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