Authentic Halal Okomomiyaki in Hokkaido

Name : Fugetsu Tanukikouji 2chome

Location: Google Maps

There is only one halal okonomiyaki and takoyaki restaurant in Kanto area. I am not yet have a chance for visiting it. Therefore once I knew there is one halal okonomiyaki restuarant in Hokkaido, I decide to put it on my itinerary. It is located in quite small entrance. It is on the 2nd floor. You should find it directly after the staircase.

We arrive there around dinner time. Luckily only one group consist of three people queue before us. One elderly man approached us while we are waiting. The appearance is so comical. He has a bald head with chubby cheeks and also big body posture. He welcome us and hand out a name card. He speaks a little bit of English. Turns out he is the owner of the restaurant. The name card also very interesting, one side has his photo when he is 22 years old. The other side has his caricature figure. The funny thing is if you ever find the caricature usually exaggerate the appearance of the objects, this time the caricaturist drew exactly the same figure as the real one. Trust me, his appearance is exactly look like this picture below:

Once again, because of my hijab, the owner and also the waiter directly knew that we want to order the halal menu. Although we used the same frying table with other customers which order non-halal menu, they will clean the pan again to ensure no oil left from previous customers. They also change our cooking utensils, it has red mark and exclusively used for the halal menu. The sauce and other condiments for halal menu also serve separately. They will bring one bucket of sauce and condiment to our table.

Special Sauce and Food Utensils for Halal Menu

For regular customer, they could order directly from the ipad look alike in their table. However for the moslem customer, they will gave us separate menu list. They served okonomiyaki, yakisoba and also teppanyaki. The menu has english explanation so no worries, you would not lost in translation.

We order 3 menu : seafood okonomiyaki, lamb okonomiyaki, and omelette yakisoba. We cook the okonomiyaki by our self. The waiter will deliver our oder in the bowl, our job is to mix it and fry in in the frying-table. It’s show time for your cooking skill ^^ The lamb okomiyaki is the winner that night. The sauce mixed well with the savory taste of the okonomiyaki. I love to put extra seaweed powder and katsuobushi (bonito flakes) on top of my okonomiyaki.

One important thing to be noted is be ready to blend the okonomiyaki ‘perfume’ to your clothes. Since we directly cook our meal in front of us, the smoke will strongly attached to your clothes. It never bother me anyway since the good food worth every sacrifice. isn’t it?

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