Hokkaido Itinerary

I am so excited to start 2019 with an opportunity to visiting Hokkaido. This is my first time and has been on my bucket list since long time ago. Hokkaido famously known for their high quality corps and seafood products. You can find many products in the supermarket where it stated ‘from Hokkaido’, although the price is slightly more expensive nevertheless people still want to bought it. If it is not because the good quality, then I do not know for what it is.

Honestly, this trip is part of my babymoon. After quite long journey fought PCOS, through the ups and downs, we realized that we deserved a reward. Therefore we decided to give it a shot although it is only inside Japan and this time the itinerary is quite flexible considering my pregnancy at that moment. Our main goal is enjoy the nature as much as we can and also not forget to mention eat at many halal restaurants which you could not find in Kanto area. You can find the detail itinerary here.

A Hidden Gem in Japan : Kanazawa

I really enjoy strolling old-vibes town like Kyoto. Alas, it is always cramped during the spring and autumn season. Sometimes I did not bother the crowd, I just want to enjoy the nature’s vibes. However you have other option with less-crowd to relishing old-Japan vibes. Yes, you already read the title of this article: the answer is Kanazawa.

Kyoto offering old-town vibes in each corner of the city. The Geisha, tea time ceremony, lots of temples and shrines, and beautiful landscape garden. However if you want to see the Japanese-style castle, then you should go to Osaka. Osaka offering more modern culture (yes, you can shop till you drop in Shinsaibashi Area). If you are looking for a less-cramped city with similar vibes, and even you could also find the big castle in the same city, the Kanazawa should be on your list while in Japan.

I would like to share my itinerary while visiting Kanazawa last year.


This itinerary already highlighted main tourist spot in Kanazawa. The Nanao city was included during this trip because I want to feel a peaceful environment apart from the big city area like Kanazawa.

Main transportation in Kanazawa area is bus, especially for tourists. The loop bus and the shuttle bus is operating throughout the day. It is only 500 yen for one day pass and you can ride those buses as many times as you like! Basically you can visit all tourist spot by using these bus pas. They will give you the map along with the bus pass when you buy it at the ticket booth on Kanazawa Station.

I will tell you the story for each interesting tourist spot in Kanazawa on the separate articles. Meanwhile, why not peek a glance of the itinerary and google it by yourself. Not forget to mention the Kanazawa tourism information is very well maintained by the Ishikawa Government in English! You can find it in the link below:


Halal Tips for France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy

On the last April until beginning of May 2017, I got a chance to visit several countries in Europe with my husband. It is because there were national long holiday in Japan called Golden Week. After our lovable journey in Australia, we were thrilled to explore the world more!

Our flight was landed in France, then we flew back to Tokyo from Italy. Since my husband were so busy with his work, the I was in charge for our itinerary. The itinerary is soooooooo important for a trip! It is help you to organized the trip and fully utilize your precious holiday time.

We spend 3 days in France, 1 day in Belgium, 2 days in Netherlands, and 3 days in Italy. We only have limited time in each country therefore the itinerary should capture the best side of each country 😉

More or less I follow this itinerary during the trip except for Belgium. We decided to ride the ‘hop on hop off’ bus because we want to see Belgium beyond the central area. For 25 euro per person, you can ride this bus 24 hour and ‘hop on and hop off’ wherever you want. Sounds a good deal right? (especially because the weather drastically change from sunny Paris to windy and cold Belgium).

You can find my itinerary here.

As you can see in my itinerary that I also already write down the name of the restaurant for every meal time. This is because I have food restriction as it should be a ‘halal food’. Surprisingly it is easier to find halal food in the aforementioned countries compare to Japan. At least you can find halal kebab stall nearby. It was like everywhere!! Cheap food with generous portion. I will share about the halal food especially for fellow Moslem traveler in my next article.


Japan Itinerary – Cherry Blossom Season

Everyday is holiday in Japan! Thanks to the promo ticket from many airlines in order to capture the momentum when Japan became one of the main tourism destination. Usually the peak is during the sakura or cherry blossom season. Recently, it is not always the case, even there are still many tourist flooding in during odd seasons like summer (July-August) and winter (January-February). Japan is renowned with its cherry blossom, therefore it is incomplete if you miss the cherry blossom beauty on your visit to Japan.

However, many traveler seems not bother by this fact any longer, since the airline fare is super cheap if they travel during these odd seasons. However, I still recommend you to have a once in a lifetime experience with Japanese cherry blossom season. It is so magical! Japanese people heads over heels in love with the preservation of nature. They believe part of their life harmony is to preserve nature. Therefore you will find the city park is spotless. No garbage litter the park although during the cherry blossom season, Japanese people usually held picnic under the cherry blossom tree called hanami in Japanese language.

Many friends always ask my opinion regarding their visit to Japan. There are so many picturesque places all over Japan during cherry blossom season. I will highlight some ‘most picturesque’ places in my itinerary below. I guarantee you, you should not miss the chance to visit those places if you only have one chance to visit Japan. This itinerary cover some places in Kansai Area (Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe) and also Kanto Area (Tokyo and others). Hope you will have a magical experience during the cherry blossom season!


Melbourne and Sydney Itinerary

“Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller — Ibn Battuta”

Perjalanan ke Benua di Selatan ini merupakan pengalaman pertama saya dan suami travelling bersama ke negara yang sama-sama tak pernah kami kunjungi sebelumnya. Memang saat awal menikah dulu sempat berbincang mengenai keinginan untuk melihat dunia di belahan lain, belajar dari orang-orang baru dan memperluas cakrawala pengetahuan Karena hal yang paling mahal di dunia yakni pengalaman. Tujuan orang-orang travelling mungkin berbeda-beda, ada yang untuk berbelanja, berburu foto pemandangan yang menakjubkan, memperbanyak koleksi selfie kece untuk dipajang di socmed, dan lainnya. Kalau tujuan kami travelling sebenarnya adalah untuk mengobservasi perilaku penduduk lokal dan cara hidup di negara tersebut. Kenapa?

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