Hokkaido Itinerary

I am so excited to start 2019 with an opportunity to visiting Hokkaido. This is my first time and has been on my bucket list since long time ago. Hokkaido famously known for their high quality corps and seafood products. You can find many products in the supermarket where it stated ‘from Hokkaido’, although the price is slightly more expensive nevertheless people still want to bought it. If it is not because the good quality, then I do not know for what it is.

Honestly, this trip is part of my babymoon. After quite long journey fought PCOS, through the ups and downs, we realized that we deserved a reward. Therefore we decided to give it a shot although it is only inside Japan and this time the itinerary is quite flexible considering my pregnancy at that moment. Our main goal is enjoy the nature as much as we can and also not forget to mention eat at many halal restaurants which you could not find in Kanto area. You can find the detail itinerary here.

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