Halal Restaurant in Beijing Capital International Airport

Few days ago I got a chance for visiting Beijing. Actually our final destination was Jakarta, however there was a great promo ticket with Air China which we found through skyscanner. The fact that me and my husband have not visit Beijing yet and actually it is on our bucket-list has urged us to click the buy button. Since our flight will have 16 hours layover in Beijing, then we could apply for free 24/144 hours visa. This visa allowed us for going outside airport with the maximum time period depended on the next flight schedule. You can read it here for the complete visa application’s guidance.

The next thing I search in the internet is whether there is a halal restaurant in the Beijing airport. Since we decided to stay at the airport overnight, it will be great for having a quick bite breakfast at the airport before we embark on our journey to explore downtown Beijing. There is limited information regarding halal restaurant in Beijing airport, but I stumble across one website which gave information that there is a Muslim Restaurant in West Food Sky Island 5th Floor Terminal 3. The opening hours are from 06:00 to 22:30. Such a perfect opening time for an early breakfast since we only have limited time to explore Beijing.

It is quite difficult to sleep at the airport, therefore after the Shubuh prayer, we decided to search for the restaurant. The restaurant floor is segregated one to another. It has East and West side. You could saw the name of the restaurant in the restaurant list nearby the escalator before you going up to the 5th floor. The place also quite unique, since you have to pass several restaurant before you could find this halal restaurant in the middle part of the West Food Sky Island. I remember passed through Burger King and one Chinese Restaurant before finally could found the halal restaurant.

The name of the restaurant is Majia Shumai. You could eat at peaceful mind in this restaurant since they show-off the halal certificate right beside the kitchen. The kitchen is adopted open kitchen style. They only covered it with big glass wall, therefore you could see the chef prepared for your food from your seat. They serve several range of menu such as cold noodle, Chinese style ramen, shumai, lamb-skewer, and vegetables.

Right at 6 o’clock in the morning, the restaurant is opened. We decided to order the ramen and shumai for our side dish. I ever have similar ramen in Jimbocho, nearby ochanomizu area in Japan. The broth is light and the cilantro topping made the after taste is surprisingly fresh. The ramen price is CNY 30, for a bowl of ramen with special beef slice topping the price is CNY 45. Shumai is CNY 17 for the vegetable shumai and CNY 27 for the beef shumai.

The size of the bowl is a giant one! My husband finally could finish it although he said it made his stomach almost exploded. hahaha. The shumai also taste good and fresh. We feel like we want to order other menu, however we couldn’t because we already full. As far as I know, this is the only Halal Restaurant in Beijing Airport. Therefore, if you want to try traditional Chinese cuisine in the Halal version, you should pay a visit here.

Name: Majia Shumai

Location: 5th Floor, West Food Sky Island, Terminal 3

Opening hours: 6.00 – 22.30

6 thoughts on “Halal Restaurant in Beijing Capital International Airport”

  1. Hi I’m Nazeri from Malaysia,
    I would know if any hotel or cubical hotel in the terminal 3. Ada kamu perasan tak?

  2. Hi Nazeri,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    There is hourly hotel inside the terminal 3. You can ask directly to the information counter after the arrival gate (after you finished all the custom and immigration). However the number of beds are very limited. I end up spend the 7 hours waiting time in the nearby seat. The seat has handrail therefore not really suitable for overnight rest. If you do not want to be stranded like me, I suggest you spend your waiting time inside the waiting seat after the immigration. They have lots of seat without hand rail. Good luck!

  3. As salamuwalikum,
    This is good information. May Allah bless you.

  4. Assalamualaikum
    I was wondering how did you get around Beijing? Could you speak Mandarin?
    or did you use your app. to communicate to ask for directions?

  5. hi ruby,

    I already made itinerary in detail beforehand including the train route . I utilized the ‘direction’ tool in google map. It is very helpful.

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