Halal Restaurant in Kamakura

Name: Kajiya

Website: http://www.kajiya-jp.com/en/

Location: Kajiya

Hello! Here we meet again for another halal restaurant review in my blog. You can find other halal-restaurant related articles under the tag ‘halal’ in this blog.

Now we will visit Kamakura. Located in Kanagawa Prefecture. You can reach it by taking 30 minutes ride on Yokosuka Line or Tokaido Line Train from Yokohama station. It is well-known with its historical-temples and also the giant Buddha statue. After strolling around the area, you can stop by in one of restaurant which offered halal menu for Muslim visitors. The name of the restaurant is Kajiya.

It is located on the 2nd floor. Be sure not to miss the small entrance. The entrance is one small stairs leading you to the door of the restaurants directly. You should ask the waiter for Halal Menu book. There are wide variety of Halal menu options from sashimi, beef, chicken, and also seafood tempura. This time we decided to order beef bowl and chicken teriyaki.

Each set menu served with potato salad and white rice. The taste is absolutely delicious. The shoyu sauce marinated perfectly into the meat. The taste balanced perfectly, not too salty or sweet either. Both our menu has very tender meat. It melted perfectly in our mouth. We did not have to put so much effort for chewing the meat. The portion also generous enough. Overall it really surpassed our expectation. Oh do not forget to try their halal ice cream too! A perfect sweet treat for you

Beef Bowl
Chicken Teriyaki

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